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Our Mission

The Veterinary and Technical Team of Equine Performance Specialists of the Rockies at Circle Back Farm will strive to create an environment where human and equine athletes can continue their education and reach their greatest potential.

At Equine Performance Specialists at Circle Back Farm, education of the owner/rider about the process of maximizing physical and mental fitness is paramount. Communication will be emphasized between members of the human team and with the horse.

Through superior nutrition, proper conditioning and thorough diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of conditions affecting performance, the equine athlete is afforded all the tools necessary to safely and successfully reach and maintain performing at its highest ability.


Circle Back Farm

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The staff of Equine Performance Specialists at Circle Back Farm will exude professionalism and bring to the farm integrity, compassion & respect for all horses and a skill set which will contribute to the team. These talented individuals will continue their education, focusing on communication skills, horsemanship and advancements in veterinary medicine/therapeutic modalities.

Success will be achieved when the physical and mental health of the athletes is maximized-both as individuals and as a team-leading to increased enjoyment, performance level and appreciation of the bond between horse and rider.

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